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Marius Lamm

T.s.o.y.s. is the live recording of my final exam at the conservatory in Arnhem. It's a collection of compositions that I wrote during the four years of studying. 

Leon Dehne - Sax

Frederik Taubenheim - Guitar

Mikula Schulz - Keys

Philipp Rüttgers - Keys

Marius Lamm - Drums/compositions


Haare Schneiden

"Uitgelezen" is a collection of improvisations

that we recorded as part of a Podcast for

Uitgelezen. We first listened to the stories

in the studio and then improvised freely. 

Mikula Schulz - Keys

Frederik Taubenheim - Guitar

Marius Lamm - Drums



Space Opera

Surfin is the newest Release of the Indie Pop Band Space Opera.

Live at ArtEZ


Live at ArtEZ is a live Album recorded at ArtEZ Arnhem in 2021.

Personnel of the whole "Live at ArtEZ" Album:
- Marius Lamm (Drums)
- Leon Milan Kunze (Bass & Double Bass)
- Alexander Pielsticker (Piano)
- Leon Dehne (Tenor Saxophone)
- Jacob Strecker (Clarinet, Bassclarinet)
- Bob Vogston/Lipaka Studio (Mastering)

live at ArtEZ.jpeg

Getting by 

Space Opera

Getting by was the first Release by the 

Indie - Pop Band Space Opera.

Getting By.jpeg


Haare Schneiden

Pabligamesch is the debut release of the Free-Jazz Band Haare Schneiden. Everything you hear is completely free improvised. 

Frederik Taubenheim - Guitar

Marius Lamm - Drums

Mikula Schulz - Keys

No. 1 


A modernjazz, funk and pop mix,

inspired by Esbjörn Svensson,

Tingvall Trio and Aaron parks.

You can listen to it Here.

Marian Fricke - Keys

Zichao Wang - Vibes

Genevieve O'Driscoll - Bass

Marius Lamm - Drums

Goes X-mess.jpg

Goes X-Mess

Haare Schneiden

Goes X-Mess is a christmas album by the free Jazz-Band Haare Schneiden. 

Jetzt erst recht!


Jetzt erst Recht.jpeg

Lanzensticker dropped their debut album "Jetzt erst recht!" in 2021. 

Personnel of the whole "Jetzt erst recht!" Album:
- Marius Lamm (Drums, Percussion, Vocals, Production)
- Leon Milan Kunze (Bass & Double Bass)
- Alexander Pielsticker (Piano, Electric Piano, Mixing, Production)
- Saskia Pauli (Vocal Arrangement, Vocals)
- Alina Beletski (Vocals)
- Larissa Kotzwander (Vocals)
- Elsa Steixner (Vocals)
- Frederik Taubenheim (Electric Guitar)
- Nils Neumann (Recording at Bulleye Studios)
- Bob Vogston (Mastering)

letzte band.jpeg

Die letzte Band der Stadt

Stay Kingpin

Pop from Emmerich am Rhein. Listen to it here!

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