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In the center of t.s.o.y.s. are the performers themselves. Minimalist compositions provide a sound aesthetic, but can also be discarded or reinterpreted at any time.
This creates a lot of space for improvisation and individual design, which makes the performers themselves responsible.
Influences from jazz, contemporary and experimental music.



The performers play composed cells with repetitive structures that reveal a high degree of improvisational possibilities through their vertical richness.
Every voice has equal rights and is able to direct events at any time. The performers rely on the band as a living organism and the concept itself as a guide.
A conceptual improvisation in the sound aesthetics of beats, samples and abstract rhythms.

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Haare Schneiden

Haare Schneiden can be powerful, angry, uncompromising, but also reduced, calm and even humorous. 
For Haare Schneiden, the concert doesn't just start on the stage. The band sees itself as a reflection of experiences and tries to address the individual dynamics of space and time. It conveys a feeling of participation in what is happening and the creative process.
The band creates space for the individuals and their decisions, the performers support each other and search for a conses.
All types of art flow into the music. Jazz, rock, pop, contemporary music, experimental and sound-based music and performance art.

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